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What is Survivor Theatre Project?

Survivor Theatre Project brings survivors themselves into the center of the effort to break silence and end sexual abuse through empowerment, creativity, and reaching out to the greater community. Performances are engaging, poignant, funny, and provocative, and open up dialogue within our communities to address the reality of how common sexual abuse is, and what we can do to stop it. 



SAVE THE DATE DECEMBER 12, 2016. Somerville location and early evening time to be announced soon!

Survivor Theatre Project is collaborating with artist Jen Krava and In Divine Company to develop a multimedia workshop that seeks to expose and transform the system of structural and institutional oppression that reinforces sexual harassment. This will be done by incorporating wearable sculptures I have designed as performance and healing tools during the workshop.  Our goal is to hold a concluding exhibit and performance in Boston this December, but we need your support to make it happen!

Combining Survivor Theatre Project's work organizing healing theatre workshops and performances for survivors of sexual violence, In Divine Company's exploration of story-telling as a performance tool for social justice activism, and my experience as a designer, we aim to break the illusions that localize and personalize instances of violence. Instead, we will reveal the systemic oppressions that propagate these instances and offer ideas with which to dismantle the victim blaming myths in our toxic culture. The wearable sculptures will provide an opportunity for the wearer to understand and convey the complex interactions between themselves and these systems of oppression through performance.

These multimedia story-telling workshops will spark much needed dialogue on negotiating the personal in the public while giving physical form to otherwise invisible psychological pressures on the individual by everyday normalized systemic violence. Through our workshops, we aim to break the cycle of violence that is engendered in instances of sexual harassment and community policing by breaking the myth that occurrences are attributed to the perpetrator/s and victim/s’ race, class, gender, and sexual orientation, and by providing examples of community-centered solutions developed by workshop participants that arrest sexual harassment.

We have a small bit of support from the Somerville Arts Council, but for this project to be a success, we need your help! Your support will ensure fair compensation to everyone involved; the performers, administrators, and workshop participants, allow us to rent space for the workshop and performance, and purchase the materials that we need. Your contribution will help the workshops, rehearsals, performance, and exhibit come to fruition in our continued struggle to dismantle the oppressive systems and structures which continue to plague our communities.

Every bit will help, so please give what you can. Thank you for your support!

You can DONATE through paypal on this page and add a note "street harassment project"


"STP has truly been life-changing and life-reviving." ~2012 Participating Survivor/Artist


"Survivor Theatre Project woke me up. Grateful is not a big enough word to describe how I feel." ~Survivor/Artist Hope Payson

"A tremendously healing experience" ~Survivor/Artist Dolly Arjun