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Survivor Theatre Project

2017 Workshops 



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September 11 - November 15th

Roxbury, MA


Healing Through Creative Arts Workshops

All workshops are at the Cambridge Women's Center (46 Pleasant Street, Cambridge, MA) the 3rd Saturday of the month.

To register for workshop contact Martha Rogers,

Next Workshop: 
Saturday, October 21st 12:30-3:00pm

Nest Building: The Art of Inner Nourishment
Facilitated by Carla Orr
Workshop Description:
In this workshop we explore what we need as survivors to feel safe and held, a home to which we can return for replenishment.  We will build nests from a variety of provided materials, adding cherished or nurturing objects to create safety and comfort. Feel free to bring personal objects or building materials.

Carla Orr is an artist and survivor with an interest in the energetics of creativity and connection to self through art.  She uses art to explore our
intuitive nature, listening and responding to the world within and around us.  

Previous Workshops:
  • The Healing Power of the Drum: No drums, No life. Know drums, Know life. - Iréne Shaikly
  • When Words are Not Enough: A Gentle Invitation Back Into the Body with Belly Dance - Keyona Aviles
  • Loving Kindness Meditation Collages: An art form to develop self-compassion - Gail & Pata
  • Cultivating Self Compassion: Healing through Writing in Community - Jocelyn Eve
  • Songwriting from the Heart: Writing Short Songs/Changes - Joy Guice 
  • Sharing Our Stories: Speaking with Our Hands - Noemi Paz
  • Harness your Power Source through Creative Play - Leila Zainab & Sarvi Asiedu
  • Art as Meditation: An Exploration of Our Inner Wisdom - Carla Orr
  • Healing On The Mat: Trauma-Sensitive Yoga for Survivors - Kiran Bhai
  • Finding Balance: Writing for Our Inner Cycles - Cynthia Mochowski
  • Sharing Our Stories: Using the Silent Language of Our Bodies - Noemi Paz
  • Songwriting from the Heart: Reconnecting with our Muse in the New Year - Joy Guice