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2018 is Survivor Theatre Project's Ten Year Anniversary

Help us THRIVE in the next decade by contributing a meaningful anniversary gift at a multiple of ten!

10x5=$50 for Five Survivors in our Healing Through Creative Arts free workshop series who have never before experienced validation as survivors of sexual violence. 

10x10=$100 for Studio Space and Arts Materials in our 2019 Touring Company Season where Survivor/Artists initiate dialogue in our communities to end sexual violence.

10x20=$200 for Impactful Educational Materials for Sexual Violence Prevention Workshops on college campuses and community organizations.

10x50=$500 for Performing Survivor/Artist boldly sharing their art with community audiences and leading conversations that turn the tide of change! 

10x100=$1000 for Survivors going deep in our 3-month long Performance Project, creating art about their struggles and triumphs for the first time in their lives. This is our most transformative work that builds up empowered healers and leaders!


Please mail donations to:

Survivor Theatre Project
14 Shaw Rd
Westhampton, MA 01027


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