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Our Mission 

Survivor Theatre Project's mission is to empower survivors with the tools to break silence and end sexual violence through empowerment, social justice, creativity, and public performance. We are a performance company committed to survivor leadership in the movement to end sexual violence. We believe that art is a powerful tool for individual and collective transformation.

Our Vision

Survivor Theatre Project brings survivors to the center of the effort to break silence and end sexual violence through empowerment, social justice, creativity, and public performance. Performances are engaging, poignant, funny, and provocative, and open up dialogue within our communities to address the reality of how common sexual violence is, and what we can do to stop it. 

We are a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, intergenerational, and multi-gender community of artist survivors committed to utilizing creative arts in resisting all forms of violence: sexual, physical, mental, emotional, verbal, ritual, and gender-based. Our intention is to offer high quality, trauma-informed, expressive arts, and social justice opportunities for healing in our communities. We believe in each individual's’ right to exist, resist, as well as a quality of life. We believe in the healing power of creative expression to disrupt cultures of violence and co-create cultures of love, accountibility, respect, and consent.

We are guided by an anti-oppression, healing justice framework that motivates and guides the work that we do within our communities. We define sexual violence to include child sexual abuse, incest, ritual abuse, sex trafficking, rape, molestation, intimate partner violence, college campus sexual assault, sexual violence in institutions (such as in prisons and the military), on the border, and as a tactic of war. Survivor Theatre Project's work lives at the intersections of performance art, healing arts, healing justice, reproductive justice, social justice activism, and trauma recovery. 

Our Community Work

Survivor Theatre Project offers... 

  • WORKSHOPS for survivors that teach practical and creative tools for healing and empowerment.
  • PERFORMANCES by survivors that engage our communities in the movement to end sexual violence and rape culture. 
  • TRAINING for mental health professionals, facilitators, and advocates working with survivors.

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Staff Bios

Noemi Saafyr Paz

Leila Zainab
Development Coordinator/Company Manager

Leila Zainab is a queer South Asian-American survivor, feminist activist, visionary consultant & performing artist. Leila serves as Development Coordinator/Company Manager for Survivor Theatre Project, served as Director from 2016-2018, and was a previous performer for STP's 2015-2016 Touring Company. Leila has a background in transformational empowerment, racial justice activism, facilitation, leadership development, creative expression, reproductive justice work both locally and internationally. Leila holds an M.A in Gender and Cultural Studies from Simmons College, and a B.A from Clark University. Leila combines her analytical social justice lens with her compassionate heart when co-creating space, and supporting communities in collective healing. Pronouns: she/hers & they/them.

Contact Leila at:

Melissa Redwin
Founder & Leadership Team Member

Melissa Redwin is a survivor, professional theatre artist, director, and educator who focuses on work with survivors of sexual violence and theatre as a mode of community education and healing. Originally from North Carolina, she holds an MA in Theatre Education from Emerson College. She founded Survivor Theatre Project in 2008, developing a devised theater curriculum and training facilitators in creating original theatre with survivors in a trauma-informed space. Melissa currently serves as Artistic Director and Program Facilitator at Survivor Theatre Project. Melissa works as a freelance actor and play director in Western Massachusetts. She also teaches and performs with Enchanted Circle Theater, a professional educational theater company based in Holyoke, Massachusetts, which is dedicated to engaging, enhancing, and inspiring learning through the arts.

Contact Melissa at:


Martha Rogers
Coordinator, Healing Through Creative Arts 

Martha Rogers has embraced Survivor Theatre Project's mission since 2011, taking roles in various projects as director, facilitator and musical accompanist.  She began organizing and managing the Healing Through Creative Arts Workshop Series 3 years ago, welcoming and mentoring facilitators who have offered a wide range of artistic workshop topics for the series.  Her many years of experience as a Boston and Lexington public school music teacher and as an adjunct faculty member in music education training programs provide a wealth of experience for Martha to continue cultivating STP's vibrant vision for our creative work at the Cambridge Women's Center. 

Contact Martha at:

Iréne "I-SHEA" Shaikly
Touring Company Director 

…is an eclectic ARTist (performance and teaching artist), a Momma, a Survivor, an Advocate for social systemic change, a Humanitarian sharing space on this plane. Irene “I-SHEA” Shaikly has carved her way into various musical frames integrating her multicultural background in her music, style, and presentation.  I-SHEA, who calls herself “The Original Jewminican,” (a Dominican and Jewish woman with an Arabic last name) is a drummer/percussionist, singer/songwriter, dancer, theater, and teaching artist originally from the Bronx, NY.   Coming from classical arabic records, and being the merengue, boleros, salsa, rumba, and 80’s hip hop kid, I-SHEA absorbed her World while creating her own sound as a soulful hip hop/reggae/latin/World Music ARTist.  She is the founder of LA FEMME EXPRESSION, an Original Jewminican Productions – bringing women/femme performance art on the platform.  Building connections and community through performance art, education, and organizing, her mission is to spread the movement of universal love and truth, to continue to inspire and motivate individuals to seek their highest authentic selves through storytelling, music, movement/dance, theater, and poetry.  
Irene “I-SHEA” Shaikly has an undergraduate degree in Social Services and a graduate degree in Elementary Education.  She has worked with children, youth, and women around the East Coast, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic.  As an advocate for social change and femme/women empowerment, she has worked at places like Necessities/Necesidades (now known as Safe Passage), The Care Center in Holyoke, Enchanted Circle Theater, New WORLD Theater, Job Corps, and has been an artist in residence in public schools all around New England teaching theater, drumming, and songwriting.